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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

360, PS3 gamers can now try out EA's latest tennis title

The EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 demo is now available for 360 and PS3 users to check out via their online services.
According to EA, GST2 will feature a new racquet control system that allows you to control every shot with the right analog stick, including smashing forehands, backhands, overheads and volleys with precision, accuracy and power.
The game supports Sony's Move motion-control system. No word on Kinect functionality in the press release.
GST2 features 20 court legends from the current era, as well as past stars, including the likes of Federer, Nadal, Borg, McEnroe and the Williams sisters.
The full game will hit Canada and the U.S. on Feb. 14, while everyone else will be able to serve it up four days earlier, on the 10th.
The game's being developed by EA Canada in Vancouver.
For more, see www.easports.com.

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